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If you never considered having your own email account because you have a free one from ymail, msn, gmail or your internet provider. 
That thinking is outdated and let me tell you why...You purchase an email account and set up email as a catch all email account. Now you let everyone know that your email has changed to  So far your thinking what so great about that....well here it is....since your email catch all any email sent to will be delivered to you. Now when you make a purchase and have to give an email give it as You'll get the email and you will
know if the site has sold your email address, or they are the ones who are responsible for the spam your getting, because the emails will come addressed with their website as your email. Now just send anything addressed to that email directly to the trash.
I hope this is clear, any questions send me an email or check out the links.

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Online Auctions
If you sell your products on eBay, you can create links to your listings. All you need to do is view your auction item page, then copy the link and paste it into your code. I will give you an example link to make it easier.

Yahoo Auction